with Cover Art by Christopher Meeks

After “retirement,” I discovered local poetry venues. One of my mentors helped novice poets create chapbooks — forty-four pages max, so that trimming doesn’t over-bulk the resulting book — and I was off and running with my first publication, introverses.

introverses are  life experience poems in silx chapters: loverses, leaverses, grieverses, recoverses, relativerses, and believerses.










extraverses followed a few years later, with the Animal Friends series and the Mary Bodio watercolored A Rainbow Journey and You Can Be Santa’s Helper in between.

extraverses presents more life experience poems, plus a few sections of narrative poems: narrativerses, commemorativerses, festiverses, appreciativerses,         sensitiverses, and reviverses.

Cover art for both introverses and extraverses was provided by my nephew, Graphic Artist Christopher Meeks.

These d.i.y. volumes are available by emailing sunsetc9@gmail.com. Each book is $8.00, plus $1 each for shipping.